E Energy

Client : E Energy
Technology Used : .NET MVC , MS SQL Server, Swift

Why we were engaged:

E-energy’s field sales team adhered to strict regulatory challenges due to operating in the utility sector, which made validating contracts with a new customer difficult. A manual phone call and upload of information after each interaction delivering a disjointed customer experience, whilst burdening the sales manager with a plethora of administration, often distracting from the customer engagement.

What we did:

Crafting a bespoke solution wrapped around E-energy’s processes we built a software application that improved the successful onboarding of a customer, whilst removing the administrative burdens. During this it was crucial for us to re-think the entire journey, transforming nuances such as how reps captured the information needed to validate contracts through to how this was submitted for regulatory approval to head office.

This was bought to life via a mobile application that fed into a back end dashboard in the head office, automatically verifying customers – turning a lengthy manual process into one that could happen in seconds.

The success:

  • With 300+ sales advisors signing up customers at any given time and 15000+ contracts signed each day, we saved hundreds of hours in time in administrative time
  • Sales reps saw significantly reduced verification times when with customers, leading to a much higher conversion rate due to the lower number of dropouts in the signup journey
  • Recognition that a modern onboard process communicated that e-energy was a modern supplier, which led to a customer service award
  • Our sales enablement tool energised the workforce whilst reducing administration duties

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