Baby Check App

The culmination of a four-year project focused on analyzing the symptoms of illness in 1,000 babies below the age of six months, the Lullaby Baby Trust Check studied 700 babies in hospital, in addition to 300 babies living healthily at home.
The data derived from the app allowed clinicians to analyse an array of symptoms and signs of illness, allowing them to locate patterns and combinations for use in the accurate assessment of a baby’s illness. In total, the study identified 19 signs and symptoms, all of which are leveraged in the Baby Check app to provide accurate assessments.
Imobisoft utilized the data found by the Lullaby Trust Baby Check study to create an app featuring a simple, 19-point checklist allowing users to highlight signs and symptoms that their babies display. After completing the checklist, with each check being assigned a score, the parent can determine the likely severity of their baby’s illness, thus helping them to decide on whether or not further action is required.
The team at Imobisoft has designed the Baby Check app with the aim of providing parents with peace of mind while notifying those who need it if their baby needs to visit a doctor.
While the Baby Check app provides accurate results in accordance with the Lullaby Trust Baby Check scale, parents should always consult a doctor if they have concern about their babies, regardless of the results the app provides.

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