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A little bit about mobile apps development in 2014

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We live in an ubiquitous time of mobile devices.  How often do you see someone who does not possess a cell phone, or a smart phone for the matter?  Today people carry around everything from eReaders like the Kindle, to tablets like the Ipad, and even advanced PDA’s.  These mobile devices contain an unprecedented amount of computing power but have different operating systems from the standard computer (such as Google’s Android operating system).  As the prevalence of mobile technology is fairly recent it falls on Mobile App developers to design applications for these mobile devices.  These applications include everything from expanding a business’s online presence to the mobile world, to creating entirely new business ventures that exist only on mobile devices, to simple games to help bored travelers pass time.


Mobile Apps are one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now, and with good reason.  56% of American adults own a smartphone.  According to one survey, 75% of them bring their phone to the bathroom with them.  This is a remarkable statistic.  The amount people are hooked to their mobile devices is unlike anything ever seen before.  In 2013 mobile devices accounted for 12% of all American’s media consumption.  That is triple what it was in 2009, and it promises to continue growing at a high rate.  Businesses wishing to maintain their market share have to make themselves available on mobile devices, and the industry shows it.  In the 28 nations that compose the EU there is an estimated 529,000 direct App Economy jobs!  60% of those are mobile app developers.


A business that decides it desires a mobile app has a few options.  First they can develop the app in house by hiring on developers.  However this can be expensive and even risky if only a few developers have problems with the application.  Many choose to hire an App Development firm that meets their needs.  The firms can offer competitive rates for the service due to the way they are structured for efficiency.  Someone looking to hire a firm should do research into the firm’s portfolio and know what the terms of their NDA’s cover.  Before coming to any agreement make sure all parties know exactly what it is that is wanted: exactly how the app should look, what devices it should run on, how is it going to be maintained, does it need to be expandable, and so on.  Keep localizations in mind as well; if you are developing a UK Mobile App you might turn off some clients if the app uses American English.


Often it’s a good idea to hire local, especially if what you are doing is going to require many updates in the future or frequent maintenance.  For example, someone who needs a Mobile App in Birmingham might look into software development company imobisoft.  However you decide to meet your Mobile App Development needs just remember that the industry is constantly evolving.  Be prepared to evolve with it or lose a portion of your market share.

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